Reference List

All of our references, listed in one place. Note: APA style reference list is listed first. For links to all sites used, separated by page, see below.

Map Resources | History of Beer Resources | Craft Breweries in Ohio | Top 10 Breweries in Ohio | Different Types of Beer | Top 10 Breweries in Ohio | Food Pairings | Seasonal Beers | Art of Craft Brewing


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Map Resources beers/

All public domain images.

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History of Beer Resources

Photos Used in Timeline –

The Cleveland Press Collection – Labeling Machine at the Cleveland & Sandusky Brewing Company:

The Cleveland Press Collection – Prohibition Agents watching storage tanks at Leisy Brewery:

Public Domain

Public Domain

Public Domain – Beer receipt from Sumerian culture:

Public Domain –

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Craft Breweries in Ohio

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Top 10 Beers/Different Types of Beers/Food Pairings

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Seasonal Beers beers/

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Top 10 Breweries in Ohio

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 Art of Craft Brewing

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